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The University Governing Council at its meeting held on September 4, 2019 approved establishment of the Directorate system in the registry department as follows:

Directorate of Academic Affairs is composed of the following units:

(i) Senate and Examination

(ii) Admissions and Undergraduate Records

(iii) Graduate Records and Transcripts

Directorate of Council Affairs and Legal Matters comprises the following units:

(i) Finance and General Purpose Committee

(ii) Tenders Board

(iii) Legal Services

(iv) Other Committees of Council

Directorate of Human Resources and Development comprises of the following units:

(i) Academic Staff  Matters (A & PC)

(ii) Senior Non-Teaching Staff Matters (A & TSC)

(iii) Junior Staff Matters (JSC)

(iv) Records, Staff Training & Developments

Directorate of Student Affairs

(i) Vice Chancellor's Office

(ii) Deputy Vice Chancellor's Office

(iii) Public and Alumni Relations

(iv) Purchasing

(v) Other Units and Offices that may be attached to the Vice Chancellor's Office

Directorate of Chancellor's Office is made up of the following offices and units:

(i) Vice Chancellor's Office

(ii) Deputy Vice Chancellor's Office